Enjoy crystal clear water with no chemicals 

How it works

Using two separate water cycles the economically-efficient and energy-saving design uses both gravity and smaller submersible pumps.

  • The first cycle, cleans the surface of the water of floating particles through a specially designed skimmer. The skimmer and skimmer pump is only in operation for a short period during the day.

  • During the second cycle, organic impurities are degraded and phosphorous is eliminated from the water. This pump runs continuously during the bathing season. ​

The Living Pool looks like a conventional swimming pool but is in fact a fully functional biological pool. The BIOTOP Living Pool requires no chlorine or any other chemicals and offers the ultimate swimming enjoyment in crystal clear water.

The BIOTOP system has always attached a great deal of importance to designing technical components that are simple and easy for the user to understand and use.


The purpose of the curved screen skimmer is to remove floating particles from the Natural Pool. The water flows over a curved screen with a mesh width of only 0.3 millimeters that removes even the smallest contaminants. A sophisticated mechanism controls the water flow via a flexible flap so that the correct amount of water always flows over the screen.  


  • Even the finest floating particles are eliminated from the system

  • Nutrients are removed from the water

  • The screen is self-cleaning and therefore does not become clogged


BIOTOP has developed a special water circulation concept for its Natural Pools. The pump is completely submersed in water in a chamber, allowing water to flow to it simply by the force of gravity instead of being “sucked in” by the pump. Mounted at the bottom of the chamber, the pump conveys the water back into the pool through pressure pipes.


  • Submersed pumps are very quiet, making almost no noise

  • Due to the low noise level, the chamber can be installed underneath the wooden deck

  • Incoming and outgoing pipes can be regulated individually

  • The submersed pump is optimally cooled by the water for improved efficiency


Water flows through the filter vertically from top to bottom and is biologically cleaned along the way, i.e. impurities causing turbidity and organic compounds are broken down by bacteria. The result is crystal-clear water. To optimize the cleaning performance of the bacteria, water flows through the biofilter permanently. The biologically cleaned water then continues into the PhosTec Upstream filter.


  • Biological cleaning without the need for chemicals

  • Requires no electrical power

  • The bio compact filter is comparatively small in size and installed under the deck, invisible to the user


The PhosTec Upstream phosphate filter is an optional addition to a Natural Pool. It binds the phosphorus dissolved in the water—which limits the growth of algae—efficiently and without the use of chemicals. In this way, the algae are effectively “starved”. The water flows through the filter from bottom to top to minimize the risk of clogging the filter, and the nutrient-poor water is then pumped back into the pool by a small pump. 


  • Phosphorus is removed from the water efficiently and reliably

  • compact filter

  • Easy handling

  • Simple replacement of the filter material

  • Long life span


The pool robot is part of the Living Pool’s standard equipment. It runs for one to two hours a day and cleans the floor and walls of the pool. Compared to conventional pool robots this appliance has the advantage of being equipped with cartridges that are user friendly and can be changed from the top of the robot. The pool robot was specially programmed to meet the requirements of the Living Pool.

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